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March 2nd - March 10th, 2024

May 18th - May 26th, 2024

June 29th - July 7th, 2024

9 Days, 5 Incredible Destinations in Spain


In the top 5 of the most beautiful capital's of Europe.

The perfect mix between tradition and trendiness.

Visit the local Market San Miguel & learn about its history, its food, its process and of course enjoy some fresh Spanish tapas!


One of the oldest cities in Europe!

Tour, walk, learn, eat, marvel!

Experience the fun & delight of making "Mazapan" a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain. 


Participate to the first olive harvest of the season, pick olives straight from the tree, and experience the tradition of the fresh first juice of the harvest. 

Visit a saffron museum, discover how saffron is made, why it is such an expensive spice & use it while cooking your own paella with a local chef!

Enjoy a hands-on paella class paired with local with local wines following the guidance of a professional chef.



Enjoy touring the very windmills Cervantes wrote about in his novel Don Quixote.

Be amazed by the experience of being wined & dined in a 12th century medieval castle.

Have fun tasting some amazing local wines paired with traditional Spanish tapas.


Lose yourself in the beauty of this wonderful city.

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All Fantastic Gastronomic Meals

Chef Inspired Cooking Classes

Guided Tours of Locals Markets

Full Immersion Hands-on: Olive Oil, Cheese, Saffron & Wine Tasting

All Hotels & In-country Transportation

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