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Did you know Spain is the

 #1 producer of olive oil & olives

 in the world?


Our products are 100% from Spain! 

No blends from different countries!

Our EVOOs are 100% Organic

We have been taking care of our Planet Earth for five generations, more than 150 years! 

No plastic bottles! No waste! No GMO!

Why dark bottles, made of glass?

Quality, taste and health benefits!

  • Extended shelf life
  • Preservation of the Antioxidants
  • Maintaining the flavor and aroma

"We even burn the olive pits to heat our factory!"

Eusebio Garcia de la Cruz,

 CEO & 5th Generation of the family

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Did you know we were managed by women for 3 generations?

Learn all about our family history and our groves in Spain!

Meet the family!

Immerse in Spain: Mediterranean Sensory Trip

October 2024 

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