In our small village next to Toledo, in the center of Spain, more than 150 years ago...


Our Mision

At Garcia de la Cruz, we're dedicated to preserving Spain's culinary legacy and the planet for generations to come. Through sustainable practices, we produce pure, organic olive oils and exquisite Spanish products. We ensure that the magic of our land endures.

Our Vision

Picture a world where Spain's exquisite flavors grace tables worldwide. We, a cherished family-owned brand, aspire to deliver Spain's finest sustainably. We're not just creating great food; we're nurturing the Earth's beauty for our children and yours. Join us at Garcia de la Cruz, where Spain meets the world.

By choosing Garcia de la Cruz, you're not just savoring Spain's finest; you're part of a global movement to protect our planet. Our sustainable practices ensure that the legacy of these ancient olive trees lives on for generations, fostering a future where nature and flavor harmoniously coexist.

  • We proudly produce 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, deeply committed to environmental stewardship, and waste reduction.

  • After olive oil extraction, we recycle all organic waste, transforming it into natural fertilizers and biofuel to heat our facilities.

  • Our olive groves double as a sanctuary for local wildlife, including the Imperial eagle, in a designated bird protection area (ZEPA) in Spain.

  • We embrace reciprocity, giving back to the Earth that provides for us.

Check it yourself! Even our packaging is sustainable!

Our journey: 

Family-owned Montes de Toledo orchards yield top-quality olives (Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca), all organic.

• Committed to eco-stewardship: No pesticides or herbicides.
• Personalized tree care, minimal soil disturbance for ecosystem protection.
• Meticulous olive monitoring: green harvest for exquisite extra virgin olive oil. 
• Olives to mill, stainless steel vat storage for quality and organic certification. 
• More than olive oil: Explore premium Spanish treasures, including olives. 
• Stay tuned for exciting developments!

Behind our commitment to excellence, you'll find a trail of certifications and awards that speak to our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.